Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Blogs I Read

So, one of the items Amy listed for participants to do was to list book blogs that we love. Our favorites.

I have so many that I read and are subscribed to in my GoogleReader it would be impossible to list them all. I will list three, though. The first three I found when I started to look at book blogs.

The first blog I found was The Written Word. A fellow knit blogger had linked to her contest for The Friday Night Knitting Club. From then I was hooked to her wonderful reviews and beautiful site. This was her comment on one of my first book reviews on my knitting blog, "OK, if you reach a hundred books, then you'll just have to start a book blog to review them all! :)" So, I thank Stephanie for motivating me to start my own book blog. :)

From Stephenie's site (I think) I found my way to The Compulsive Reader. On first sight I loved her blog. It is the same set up as my knitting blog. :) That is not the reason I keep going back, though. She has great reviews, and interesting author interviews. She reads the same kind of books that I do. Always a plus. :)

I am also a big fan of Em's Bookshelf.
This is another of my go-to blogs for really good YA book reviews. I have also always really liked her header photo. It was that photo that really got me thinking on what to do for mine.

Thanks! You have all been inspirations to me on setting up my blog. :)


  1. Great picks, Mari and thanks for your participation!

  2. Oh, I'm glad I motivated someone! :) Thanks for the nice words!

  3. Aww, you made my day! And I do love your header. Books make great pictures. :)

  4. How do you have time for it all?! I'm overwhelmed just reading about what you read.

  5. Yours is an awesome blog too! Great picks!


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