Monday, September 15, 2008


You all are such good guessers. :)

I graduated high school in 1994. What a wide range of music, huh?

I am almost finished with Hey, Teach. I just need to attach sleeves and seam it all together. It has button bands, and collar already. Yay!

Will be back with pics soon.


  1. Oh now I feel old, I graduated in 1980 and my son in 2000. Yikes...

  2. 4 years ahead of me, but we like a lot of the same music. :-) I loved Ace of Base.

  3. I don't want to tell you when I graduated. But I'm still waiting for my yarn to come for my Hey Teach.

  4. Um, it was the age thing. I know roughly how old you are, so I subtracted the age difference from my graduation date. No guessing involved. :0)

    Hey Teach is going to be done just in time for the "cold" weather! (had ice on my windscreen this morning, btw).


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