Monday, September 1, 2008

The Bone Garden-Book Review

The West End Reaper terrorizes 19th century Boston. Is it man or monster behind the cape? How is the reaper related to the body found in Julia Hamill's garden in the 21st?

Tess Gerritson tries her hand at historical fiction with a good dose of what she is known for, medical mystery. This time, however, the medicine, the autopsies, and the murders take place in the mid 1800's.

Fast paced, gorey and creepy, but a little slow during the present day chapters. Thankfully, these are kept to a minimum. The book would have been fine without them. Otherwise, a fun book with an interesting plot line. Different from her previous books, but just as entertaining.


R.I.P III Challenge


  1. This one is different from her other books, but I really enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I don't know much about the series written by the Cast mother and daughter duo, but I think it's just about the greatest thing that they do that together! It's a great perspective. I'm hoping to try their series someday!


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