Monday, July 16, 2007

uneven socks finished

Socks are finally finished.

They aren't exactly perfect, though. I don't know what it is with socks, but I can never get them to be the same size. I measure, I really do. I put them on and check their length, but I never fail to make one bigger than the other.

I need to learn how to knit two socks at the same time. That would solve all my problems with socks. There must be a tutorial on that somewhere, right?

I am very tempted to frog the small one and reknit it to its proper size for mom. She says they are fine. She doesn't mind their uneven-ness. I mind though. It is a bit noticeable. She can wait another month or two before getting them.


  1. Have you tried laying the second on top of the first and comparing the sections? That's what I do and it works quite well. The closer I get to finishing the second, the more I check. I find measuring doesn't help much because it all depends on how the material lays.

    Love the socks btw! Nice colours.

  2. Well, the top really because that also has a row of knitting on it. That's what I do anyway.

    Lay your finished sock on the table (or other flat surface) and then lay the second one on top, matching the heels to one another. Then smooth both socks toward the toe (assuming you're knitting shaft to toe) at the same time, you should be ok, since they should stretch more or less the same that way. I just knit until the top of the needle meets where I start the toe decreases. I doubt I ever get it down to the row, but one or two rows more won't make much of a difference anyway.

    Good luck!

    (oh yes, and the 24 little stockings I knit last Christmas for an advent calendar did wonders for my sock knitting abilities. You could try that too! :0)


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