Thursday, July 12, 2007

the tour begins

Ravelry is so awesome! I am absolutely loving it right now. I have opened a Flickr account and uploaded some projects. Still waiting for time to get my stash yarns uploaded. I am already very addicted after only a couple days of actually getting on.

It's only dad here right now, so I have had a bit of knitting time available. I managed to make some progress on my socks. I am a little under half way through the heel flap. I was able to eyeball length of leg pretty well, since I didn't have my tape measure with me. They look about even. Even with a tape measure, though, I tend to be off a bit so no worries.

The Tour de France is on now, I have to get back upstairs to finish watching today's stage. This year's favorite for me is Levi Leipheimer. Tomorrow is his turn to shine, hopefully. To the ALps they go.

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