Wednesday, July 18, 2007

out of the alps

They are out of the Alps today. I was getting a little worried about Levi yesterday but he did good. He is still there and in the running for the GC. I must say, though, Contador is pretty awesome. Also, I couldn't help feeling sorry for Vino. Did you see him crying after he finished the stage? I guess Kloden will be Astana's leader now.

While watching yesterday I made some progress on Jaywalker. It looks so much better with the KnitPicks Dancing than it did with the Wildfoote. You can really see the zigzag pattern happening.

Wildfoote is a bit dark and doesn't have any lines of color when knit up so the pattern kind of got lost.

I am really happy with how it is turning out now. I just have to be very careful about getting my pair of socks to actually match up with each other when I am done. Of course, I regularly get Second Sock Syndrome so there is no need to worry about it quite yet.


  1. Why worry about the matching bit? I mean, they are the same colour in general, ergo, they make a pair. Makes life so much easier.

    Love both yarns! I like the Wildfoot better, but I can see as where the pattern would get lost in the colour. How easy are they to knit? Do you have to concentrate on the pattern a lot? I'd like to make some myself, but am afraid it would be a bit too difficult.

  2. Ooh, I like that colorway! They're looking great!


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