Wednesday, July 18, 2007

harry potter book 7!!!!!

I am feeling the need to hide from everyone and everything that will likely leak spoilers about the Harry Potter book. There are only a couple more days before the book is in my hands. I don't want to know anything about it. I had to turn off the national news today when they started talking about the book being available on the internet. I was scared they would mention some spoilers/rumers that are going around. Ack! Who knew I would have to go into hiding?

Anyway, I am getting very excited about the whole thing. I have my book preordered at B&N and will be there Friday night to get it at midnight. My husband will be out of town so I will be there on my own. I was thinking I would take my knitting with me, park myself at the coffee bar and knit and wait until I could get the book. That is the plan. Anyone want to join me?


  1. Actually, which B&N are you preordered at? I preordered at the Arboretum, so if that's where you are, I'm happy to join you and knit, though I likely won't get there until about 11:30 because of work.

  2. Would love to! We could SPEW together. Unfortunately, there's this little problem of a few thousand miles :P

    I refuse to go anywhere in the internet that's off my beaten path. I, too, want to be a DH virgin when the book does come out.:P

    Good luck with the knitting!

  3. Awesome, I'll look for a knitter in the cafe. I don't have green hair anymore, it's burgundy, but other than that, I look the same.


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