Friday, July 27, 2007

new knit books

I got two new knitting books in the mail yesterday. Amazon was quite quick with getting them here, having just ordered them on Tuesday. I was updating my wishlist and saw that Stitch N Bitch Nation was on sale for $3.95! Isn't that amazing. I don't know if it still is, but go check it out if you don't have it. I couldn't quite get over having to pay more for shipping than the actual book, so I threw in Charmed Knits as well. It too was on sale, but for about $10.oo. Anyway, very exciting. I am ready to be through with my wips and start something new. On that note, I decided against frogging the sock and finished it last night. Now comes the SSS. :) The sweater is now ready to be put together. All the pieces are done except for one sleeve. Seaming, ties and bottom ruffle will be all that is left to do. Yay.

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