Sunday, July 22, 2007

short break in my knitting

Well, since Saturday morning, at around 130am, all I have been doing is reading. Reading, crying, laughing, cheering, more crying. I finished the book last night while friends and my husband drank and played poker. I joined them after finishing and making sure my face was washed so I wouldn't give anything away to them. Now I will wait until my husband is finished to reread it again. It was wonderful.

I did take a break from reading yesterday to watch the time trial. Wow! Vinokourev was amazing. Who knew he could come back like that to win the stage? Then came today. The Pyrenese (sp?). I was so sure he would be able to stay with the rest of the gc contenders. Poor Vino, once again. He came in almost half an hour after Contador. Yay for Contador, though. And Levi! He didn't do too bad today either, coming in fourth. I am still cheering him on, even though the husband thinks he has no chance. He picks either Rasmussen or Evans to win.

I picked up the Jaywalkers while watching today's stage. The first of the pair is coming along fine. I am on the foot, a little less than half way. I would have been further along but there was some mishaps on Friday. There was something not right with the pattern on one side of the foot during the gusset decreases that I had to tink all the way back a few rows to the pick ups to fix. Yes, tink not frog. I hate frogging on socks. those little stitches can get away from me very quickly and I would have probably messed it up even more.

More Jaywalker knitting tomorrow during another stage in the mountains.

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  1. Have you tried the foolproof way of frogging? You just have to rip back, and then stop ripping at the last row you need to go back and then insert the needle (or a smaller one, I have a 1.5mm for this purpose) into the lower stitch before you pull the upper stitch out? It's time consuming, but less so than tinking, if you have a whole bunch of rows to do. You also don't drop stitches this way. If I have to go back more than two rows, that's how I do it.


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