Wednesday, July 25, 2007

chocolate-my drug of choice

First, Vinokourev out for blood doping along with his team, Astana. Now, Teams Cofidis and RaboBank. RaboBank, the team of Rasmussen, the Tour leader. The team sacked him for missing off season drug tests and then lying about where he was.

This is making for a strange tour. Contador will be the tour leader tomorrow due to Rasmussen being removed from the Tour. Evans and Levi right behind him.

The article I read by Phil Ligget mentioned the fact that there has never been any suspicion of doping amongst the three which will hopefully help to save the face of the Tour de France.

No knitting today. I spent the day, after watching the tour this morning, with a friend. We went to a Pilates class, had lunch, then scrapbooked until about 5pm.

Last night, however, I put my sock away (until I figure out what I want to do with it), and worked on my wrap around sweater. I finished the right front and have begun on the sleeves. It may actually get done before the end of the summer. A bite of the yummy peach vodka truffle I got yesterday should help.

Chocolate is an allowed substance

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  1. Chocolate isn't just allowed, it's a duty. At least in Switzerland. If you live here, you must do your bit to support the economy. I try as much as I can :D


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