Monday, July 23, 2007

to frog or not to frog

That is the question.
The ulimate knitter's dilemma. I am so close to finishing the sock and yet, I am thinking of frogging it all. Why? Because of that ugly splotch on the top of the foot.

When I first saw that pattern in the yarn coming out I figured, "Hey, it's on the foot no one will see it anyway," and I continued to knit. Now that I am on the toe and have tried it on, I hate it. It would look so much better if the same pattern followed throughout.

So why the change? Because the number of stitches along the foot after the gusset decreases is different than the leg and caused the yarn colors to line up a little differently. Urg.

What should I do? Frog, I think. I don't think I can live with that splotch on the top of my foot. I will have to frog and decrease one less time on the gusset and hope that that helps to set the pattern right. It will, of course, make the foot a little wider. Urg.

These socks are turning out to be quite the pain in the arse.


  1. I vote no on frogging. pooling is a beautiful thing, IMHO.

    Or, if you decide to frog, you can try to cut the yarn and start again in a different point in the repeat (rather than changing the pattern itself)

  2. Learn to live with it dear. It will save you much anguish and frogging in future. If you frog this, you will feel obliged to frog future projects. This will lead to much loss of time over something that no one is going to see anyway. This is, of course, only my humble opinion. I struggle against my inner Hermione and have learned that it can be worth it. :D


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