Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pin It and Do It: Crayon Storage

For my first, I went with easy but quite useful. The little girl loves using crayons and they are very good at keeping her entertained at restaurants but not all of them have paper and crayons for the kids to use. I saw this great idea on a friend's board awhile back and just remembered it when it I found an old Huggies wipes container at the bottom of the diaper bag. ( I won't mentions what else I found at the bottom of the bag… it was in desperate need of cleaning.) 

Anyway, I grabbed my 64 box of Crayola's and put some in the wipes box and handed them over to E. She is still using them and carrying them around the house under her arm. So cute. I plan on cutting some paper to put in there as well and maybe some stickers. Lots of stuff to keep her occupied when we are out.
New storage for crayons! Love it. Found idea in Pinterest.
Here's my pin.
 I would love to give credit to the person who originally shared this but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. This was a repin without a link or credit. Any ideas on how to credit appropriately? Thanks
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  1. A great way to keep organized and recycle one of those containers!

    1. Always happy to find a way to reuse. :)

  2. It's the things like this that kill me--SO simple but why didn't we think about them earlier? Love it. And E could probably sticker the entire outside of the box and make it quite pretty!

    In terms of finding the original, it looks like someone just pinned the actual picture. Sadly I've been finding a lot of these in my boards--or links that go to a blog home page rather than the direct post. I try to be in the habit now of checking out the post before repinning. :(

    1. Thanks. Yeah, It is interesting to see how many people don't link their pins. Will definitely check them from now on.

      Great idea about the stickers on the outside. :)


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