Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley

THE ORCHID HOUSE: A Novel By Lucinda Riley
Published by: Atria Books / Trade Paperback Original
ISBN: 978-1-4516-5578-0
Pages: 449
Price: $15.00
US Pub Date: February 14, 2012
eBook: 978-1-4516-5580-3

Julia has suffered a great loss and finds herself depressed, holed up in her dark dreary cottage avoiding contact with everyone. Her sister and family try to help but it takes a return to Wharton Park, the estate where her grandfather worked in the gardens and she used to visit as a child, to help her start healing. Along with the new Lord Crawford and the history they learn after finding an old journal, Julia finds a way to live and love again.

What a beautiful story this was. It spans generations, takes you from the English countryside to Thailand and to France. Not only a story about Julia, but also of all the people who made Wharton Park home, including the servants. Rich in atmosphere and family secrets, it was a hard book to put down. It had been awhile since I had gotten so caught up in the lives of characters in a book. It was fun to lose myself in their stories every night this past week.

If you enjoy Downton Abbey, you will enjoy The Orchid House. Especially when the story jumps back to the 30's and 40's. I highly recommend this book. It would make a great choice for book groups.

Source: publisher

 Lucinda Riley was born in Ireland, and during her childhood, traveled extensively abroad, particularly to the Far East. While taking a break from writing and acting to have her children, she designed and built a house on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand. It was this experience, combined with her passion for history, that inspired her to write THE ORCHID HOUSE, which Atria Books is publishing as her American debut. She currently lives in rural England with her husband and four children. To learn more about Lucinda Riley and her work, visit her website at:

England, France

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  1. I really liked this book too. I also had a hard time putting it down, I could not wait to find out what happened at the end!


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