Thursday, December 11, 2008

YA quick reviews (Violet on the Runway Series)

Violet on the Runway Violet on the Runway by Melissa C. Walker
The first book in the series was lots of fun and well paced. Violet's plunge into the modeling scene seemed realistic. I liked that it wasn't overly glamorized and that we get to see the ugly side of the modeling world.

Violet and her friends seem like people I would have been friends with in high school.

Violet By Design Violet By Design by Melissa C. Walker
Loved this one as well, although I wanted more Roger. Love his and Violet's chemistry when they are together. I just did't want their time together to end, but she does it every time. I picked up Violet n Private right after finishing this one, just hoping...

Love interests, exotic locations, fasion. It had a perfect mix of all three.

Violet In Private Violet In Private by Melissa C. Walker
Another great installment. More Roger. Yay. Still frustrating up until the end. Loved reading the college parts. reminded me of my freshman year in college. 1994. Ack, I am old. Mexicali was a favorite back then too. :)

This was a really fun series to read. I enjoyed all three books, as you can tell since I read all three in the span of two days. Very addictive! Can't wait until the next book!


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