Sunday, January 1, 2012

TSS: Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone has recovered from their festivities celebrating the new year. I had a lovely time with the hubby and friends but happily made it home and in bed by 12:20am. Needed some sleep before the little girl woke for the day. :)
So, saying hello to 2012 means looking back at 2011's accomplishments…Yup, time to look back at what I read this year. Not quite as many books as I usually read, but not bad. 

Books Read in 2011

29. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (review)
28. Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris = (review)

27. Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris = (review)
26. Tempted by P.C. CAst and Kristen Cast (review)
25. Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe + (review)

24. The Shining by Stephen King (review)
23. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (review)

22. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (review)
21. Ada Legend of a Healer by R.A. McDonald + (review)

20. Ghellow Road by T.H. Waters + (review)
19. The Fall by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan + (review)
18. Ten Good Reasons to Lie About Your Age by Stephanie Zia + (review)

17. Samson's Lovely Mortal by Tina Folsom (review)
16. The Ambition by Lee Strobel + (review)
15. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett * (review)

14. Dead Giveaway by S. Furlong-Bolliver + (review)
13. The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton + (review)

12. Dreamwalk by Sarah MacManus + (review)
11. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth (review)
10. Gone With a Handsomer Man by Michael Lee West * (review)

9. Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy Baby by Annabel Karmel (review)
8. Wings by Aprilynne Pike (review)
7. My Jane Austen Summer by Cindy Jones + (review)
6. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (review)
5. The no-cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley

4. Horns by Joe Hill + (review)
3. Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey * (review)


2. Living with the Dead by Kelly Armstrong (review)
1. Final Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein =

^ LT Early Reviewers Program
# GoodReads First Reads Program
~ Giveaway Win
+ publisher/author sent for review (not ARC)
= Mooched/Borrowed

Here's to a great book-filled 2012!

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  1. Happy new year to you! Thanks so much for your lovely review back in August.


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