Friday, January 4, 2008

went all the way to canada...

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and all I got was this lovely ball of yarn. :)

I couldn't resist. It was 1/2 off the regular price, which I will not share for fear that it may give some of you a heart attack. Just so you know, it is the only thing I brought home with me from Banff.

The holidays were great. I received many lovely gifts and everyone loved their knitted gifts. I have had requests for more. I better get started now.

It was great to see the family, but really, too short. Going to Canada after Christmas cut our visit short. Not that Banff wasn't fun. I did some reading, some knitting, and a little spaing ( I don't think that is a word). The hubby did some skiing. It was great.

On the vacation front, Sundance is next. I wonder what lovely yarn I can find there!


  1. I would love to go to Banff sometime, to ski... I love Canada anyway!

    The yarn is beautiful. Being Qiviuk, I can only imagine the price - but who cares? We live once.

  2. Is Qiviuk the same/similar as qiviut? If so, then dude...I'm gobsmacked lol.

  3. You're so lucky! I LOVE Canada, and Banff is definitely gorgeous.
    I'm glad that you had a good time and splurged a little! ;)

  4. I think you need to send that yarn to me... yeah... that's a good idea *grin*. See, Tara gave me Arctic Knits for Christmas and there are so many pretty things in there that I could do with that yarn. Good idea, yeah? :D

    Seriously, I can recommend the book if you're at a loss for somethig to do with the yarn. The patterns are really, really nice. Just the thing for that yarn.

    Am I seeing correctly? Is it blue? *drools*

  5. Oh, I know what this yarn costs and I am so jealous that you got it at 50% off. I wouldn't have tried to resist. The lace you are working with it is lovely. Even if you have to save it forever before you get the chance to be somewhere cols enought to wear it, it will be worth it.


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