Tuesday, January 29, 2008

no longer in hibernation

1st felt
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It has been a year since I started knitting this bag and finally it is almost finished.

While doing some laundry last night, I threw this in a zippered pillowcase and put it in the washer. Two washes later I had this. Definitely felted, but with some wrinkles I couldn't get out. Ideas?

( I stayed home sick from work today. In bouts of awakeness I may have the strength to get up and work on it a bit.)


  1. All I can say is wash it (or just get it wet) again, and try to smooth it out while it's drying. Felted stuff is pretty "pliable" when wet.

  2. I will not chime in as an expert since I've never actually felted anything, but whenever I have wrinkles that I can't get out (I'm talking absolutely will not budge), I take them to the dry cleaner to get them commercially pressed. I have seen those machines do wonders on linen garments--you might get some funny looks, but maybe it would work?

  3. an iron with supersteam? That oughta do the trick.

  4. Is that a Booga Bag?

    Threaten it with scissors? Steam Roller? Have an elephant sit on it?

    Seriously, I think I would try wetting it again and then ironing. If that doesn't work, you'll have to try the dry cleaning method. That sounds like it should do it.

  5. Also, the next time you felt it (if you do) don't let it go throught the spin cycle. Apparantly (I wouldn't know, none of my stuff never has..) it can leave permanent creases in your knitting. Other than that, I think Canute's idea with the elephant might be a pretty good one. ;P


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