Tuesday, January 22, 2008

we have ourselves a winner

It is so nice to be home. After work, I went to Whole foods for groceries and came straight home to shower and put on pj's. Yes, it was only 4pm but it's cold and rainy. Would you do anything else? My only goals for tonight were are to make something for dinner, knit on my stole for sotsii and name a winner for my little contest.

I have done only one thing so far...

I gave everyone a number (some of you had more than one) then used the Random Number Generator which gave me the number 81.
The lucky lady with the number 81 is.... *dramatic drum roll*.... Caroline!!!


This was fun! Thank you all for playing and helping me celebrate. I should be back with another in March to celebrate the beginning of this blog. Hope you are all still around. :)


  1. Thanks for the contest, Mari.
    Congrats to Caroline!

  2. Well, shoot. I've been knitting so much I didn't even know about this!

    Congratulations, Carolyn.

    And Mari, get back to work on your shawl! ;-)

  3. Yay! I hardly ever win anything, and when I saw how many posts you had, I'll admit that I almost thought, "forget it." Now I'm happy I didn't. Thank you very much:)

  4. i so wish we had a whole foods closer than the hour and a half from home! Thanks for hosting the contest...and congrats Caroline!!

  5. Thanks so much for having the contest! Congrats Caroline!!!

  6. Congrats to Caroline! I'm glad she won yours because I won hers, screwed up logic, I know, but there you have it.

    And yes, I would have had the shower and PJs at 4 too. Why wait when you can get it over with and the curl up and knit all evening?

    Glad you had a good vaccy! Oh, and I feel your luggage pain. They lost mine too.


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