Monday, January 28, 2008

video killed the radio star

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So, does that mean the iPod killed the radio?

I don't think I mentioned that on my trip to Sundance, along with the no bags ordeal, I managed to leave my iPod on the plane.

Yeah. Oops.

Now, this was an old iPod. One of the white bulky ones. It was also an eBay purchase that kept freezing on me and sometimes needed to be banged on the hand to get to work. Even though I was a bit upset about losing it, it wasn't a total tragedy because look what I went and bought myself yesterday.

Isn't it pretty?

Screen lights up (my light had gone out on mine) and has color. I can watch video and upload pictures.

This is just cool.

It is so fancy.

I love it!


  1. Hey thanks for the nice comment! (Can you tell that blue is my favorite color?)

    The Patti Cardigan is a design from Rowan Studio, here is the link

    and, OOOOOoooo! Congratulations on your nano purchase :) I'm officially "un-trendy" now because I have a lowly first generation Nano in turquoise. sigh. That's how technology works isn't it?

    Happy knitting!

  2. Awwww, yay for new Ipods! As soon as I can convince myself that it's a necessity, I'm going to get one too.

    OK, might have to win the lottery first. Yarn still comes before Ipod...

    But at least it was dying anyway. It would have been much more upsetting had it been new.

  3. Great new iPod! Sucks that you left the other one on the plane - but now you have a cool new one!


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