Wednesday, January 23, 2008


foliage ii
Originally uploaded by my_weezy're on candid camera! :)

Just wanted to show off the little bit of knitting I got done in Park City. All were amazed at how quickly I cranked this out. I was wearing it around town by Saturday. It's very warm despite the lace and just a little big. I used needles a size up of what was called for in the patten. I didn't have time to go buy the right size before heading to the airport on Wednesday.

So, I got most of my stuff done last night that I wanted to. Tonight is laundry and finish hint #1 for sotsii. I worked on it last night up to row 31. Coming along pretty nicely. I really like the way it is looking so far.


I should be able to get this done tonight.

Yay! My mail just got delivered (it was on hold) and my package of yarn from Bunky Bobos is here. It is two more skeins of KP Shadow for the stole and a skein of Sandy's own hand dyed sock yarn in the color: Basalisk! :) I will share pics tomorrow. No more light in here on this gloomy afternoon.


  1. Pretty~Pretty!! I need to make myself a hat!

  2. Yay foliage! Eventually I make one for myself. (Now I'm motivated to do it it in varigated colors, not just semi-solid.)

  3. Love the hat! Doesn't look too big at all and the main thing is that it keeps you warm.


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