Monday, January 21, 2008

out of the snow and into the rain

Wow! I can't believe how many people have come and posted for my little contest. Seriously, I am used to about 10 people reading this. Thanks to all of you who posted on your blogs! This is amazing.

I just got back tonight from Sundance and there are a lot of names to go through and blogs to check, and counting to do. I should have a name for you some time tomorrow or Wednesday. I will try my hardest for tomorrow, but no promises. My bag didn't make it here with me and of course my power cord for the MacBook is in there. They promised to deliver tonight. We shall see about that. Believe it or not, this also happened when we landed in Salt Lake City. My bag didn't show up until 2pm the next day. Yup, bad baggage luck this trip.

Sundance was fun! I saw a few celebrities roaming around and got to see The Guitar by Amy Redford. (her dad was in the audience. very cool) and a Shorts program that included some really great movies, and theses really great 2 min clips made by Isabella Rosselini. She was there for the Q&A. I will try to link some of these later for those of you interested.

A snowstorm came in last night which pushed back all the flights this morning. I left SLC 3 hrs late! i missed my connection in DFW but thankfully the hubby called and got me on the next flight out, but it was still a very short time between the flights. I walked out of the airport here minus a bag into misty rain. Urg. At least I am home now with a little time to relax before getting ready for bed and work tomorrow.

Anyway, I am on Central time, but I will give until Pacific time. There is plenty of time left to enter if you haven't yet.

Also, Cass is having her #444 post contest. So head on over to Shut Up I'm Counting and tell her I sent you. :)


  1. sounds like a blast! even with the set backs. I used to work for the airlines and was one of the people who was complained to. I can say you sound very calm with the missing bags! Relax and settle in a bit!

  2. Welcome Back! I'm jealous- I'll go someday. ;)


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