Friday, October 5, 2007

bitty boo

How cute it this! I need to make these at some point to add to my Haloween decor. Last night I put up everything I own. My house is completely ready for Halloween! Lights, spiders, spooky tree... you name it, I have it up. :)

I really want these little ghosts. They are soo cute.

Magknits rocks! Hehe


  1. haha, I've been looking around lately for Halloween decor too!
    LionBrand has a few spiders and pirate looking amigurumi that are kinda cute.

  2. BUGGER! Everytime I want to go see the links the bloody firewall is active and I can't get in. Must remind myself to look tonight.

    Yaay for Halloween decorations! Halloween is such fun. I want to go trick or treating. *pouts*


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