Wednesday, October 10, 2007

log cabin saved

Log CabinWell, it's looking good despite the little snags made by a certain evil kitty. I was able to pull most of them back in. My MIL actually chose the colors of this without knowing what she was choosing colors for. Hehe. Not bad, huh? It will go well in their house.

I need to get some US 6 circulars soon, this thing will not be fitting on my straights for much longer. They didn't have anything long enough when I bought the yarn. A trip to HCW will be necessary.

SpiderOkay, I hope you aren't squeamish about spiders, but take a look at what I found when I went outside to photograph the blanket. Look at this thing! It is huge and it has made itself a very large web on our deck. Click on the picture and see it large. You can make out some detail on the spider. Pretty cool, huh.


  1. UGH! I hate those spiders. I always run into their webs because they are hard to see unless there is a certain light on them. Nasty things. Oh... and I have slight fear of spiders.

    Oh, and I'm glad the log cabin is turning out so wonderfully. :)

  2. Great spider shot. I like spiders - outside. *grins*

    Your log cabin is impressive. I love the colours. Btw, what kind of stitch are you using?


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