Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the look of guilt

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Twice today, while knitting the Log Cabin blanket, have I left to find the Jojo happily curled up on it. Urg. I wouldn't mind so much if she didn't first knead it with her claws and leave lots of little snags all over it.

Can you see the guilt on her face?

I would take a pic of the snags but not enough lighting right now. WIll have to wait until tomorrow. I am off to bed. The knitting is coming with me. Far away from the wool loving kitty.


  1. Um, that looks more like amusement or laughter than guilt to me. Personally, I think she'd thumbing her nose at you.

    Guilt ridden indeed.

    Hee hee! The little authentication word thingy spells out meeppp today. hee hee. Yes, I'm easily amused.

  2. Ooh! BAD cat!

    Mine haven't ruined anything yet, but one likes to shed all over my knits and the other goes on nocturnal string art binges. You know...

    "Over the sofa and down the hall,
    To mother's bedroom we go..."

    You can sing along if you want.



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