Saturday, October 13, 2007

avoidance problems

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Well, instead of doing the cleaning that I should have been doing, I pulled out my periwinkle wrap that has been in need of seaming for a very long time. Nothing like a little cleaning avoidance, to get some finishing done, huh? Hehe.

It is all seamed up, finally, but it is still far from finished. I am working on the first tie (as you can see in the picture), need another tie and need to knit the ruffled bottom edge. Not bad, though.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of cleaning to get done.


  1. haha, I can totally relate to cleaning avoidance. Although my avoidance generally applies to Homework. ;)

  2. Is that from Interweave Knits? I seem to remember something green on the cover of the spring issue that was really pretty like that.

  3. Love the colour! See, now if you finished that before they got here instead of cleaning, you could just dazzle them with it when they walk in the door and they will never notice the rest. Good plan, no? :D

    Full of cunning plans I am!

  4. Oh yes, and congrats on the Yarnival!


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