Sunday, October 21, 2007

clapotis redo

Well, I did the numbers for the clapotis and realized that I was right to worry. Not enough yarn to continue. So, last night, while watching the Red Sox dominate in game 6, I ripped it all out and started it all over making it less wide. It is now normal scarf size rather than being too wide. Now I can make it nice and long like I like without running out of yarn. I am already at the length I was on the wider version and have only started on my second ball of yarn. I am feeling much better about this thing now.

I think I will work on it some more tonight during Game 7.


  1. Ah, a knitter who doesn't live in Denial. What's life like on the outside? Good? :P

  2. Hi Mari, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think I'll have my little drawing for the cashmere yarn tomorrow afternoon.

    Sad about your scarf, but doesn't it feel so good when you frog something that you know isn't going to work out?


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