Monday, April 7, 2014

Westminster: London with the 3 year old

We had a lovely weekend full of sight seeing and lots of walking. We walked across Blackfriars bridge both Saturday and Sunday to Southbank, then all the way round to Westminster bridge and the London Eye along the Queen's Walk. Then all the way back to Farringdon. 

Yes, my feet hurt. Today I am sitting on the couch. It's raining. Good excuse to stay in. 

Saturday's plan was to ride the London Eye then see the Westminster sites. The large wheel had other plans. It stopped working as we neared the front of the line. They closed it down so we left. The little girl was sad but we promised to come back. 

We headed across the bridge with the very large crowds of people and saw Big Ben, or as the little girl calls it, "Big Jack". No clue why. We then walked past Westminster Abbey. 

Buckingham palace was next on our list. Instead of walking along the Mall, we strolled through St. James park. Beautiful day for it. Lots of flowers, green grass and ducks. The little girl loved running around here. 

A quick walk by the palace and into Green park where the little girl played and ran around again. We couldn't go in, so of course she wasn't too interested. 

On our walk to lunch, we passed Bond St and Saville Row. Lots of fancy, expensive shops. Very posh. Saw a Lamberghini or two. 

We were going to eat at Honest burger but the wait was a little longer than we could handle so went next door to Wahaca. Mexican food. It wasn't bad. We were pleasantly surprised. 

We collapsed on the couch back in our rented flat after walking back. I grabbed a glass of wine and we watched Saturday Night Takeaway before all going to bed. 

I think I will save Sunday for a separate post. 



  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pics of your travels.

  2. Very impressed that you have been able to accomplish so much with a little person along! We always found we had to work in some nap breaks.


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