Wednesday, April 2, 2014

London with a 3 year old: British Museum

We are in London for ten days, traveling with the hubby who's here on business. First day in the city was a loss. We got into our airbnb apartment around 2 and promptly napped. We know, we shouldn't have but it was inevitable. Out for a walk and dinner at the pub then bed. The little girl had other ideas. She seemed to think it was a nap and only slept three hours! 

Tuesday, after a rough night/morning, the hubby went to work and the little girl and I walked to the British Museum. Glad I brought the stroller. The little girl would have been very whiny had I not.  

We saw mummies, the Rosetta Stone and some really large and old sculptures. Including this horses head which was part of the Parthenon. 

Little girl had little interest, instead wanting to go back to the cafe for a cupcake and the shop for a purple feather pen. 

Glad this museum is free, because we were there less than two hours. We left and walked to a garden not far from there where the little girl got to run around for a bit, play with sticks and smell some flowers. 
We then walked to Coram's Fields and got some playground time. A good hour to play. The little girl was exhausted. She fell asleep in her stroller on our walk back. 

It was a good day. 

Wednesday, We stayed in. She slept until 11, we watched BBC kids programming on CBeebies, read books and took a long bath. Then went to dinner with the hubby and one of his coworkers, also in from the states. 

The restaurant we went to was great. Perfect for dining with a kid. They had a kids menu and crayons to keep her entertained and a really nice waiter that seemed to enjoy having a kid to wait on. So, if you are ever in London with your kids be sure to try Carluccio's. Food was pretty good, too. 

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Tower of London. The little girl has been talking about the beefeaters, the crown and the tower for a while now. Hoping it lives up to her expectations. 

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  1. If you any where close to two hours in a museum with one that little, I'm impressed! What a fun trip!


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