Monday, April 7, 2014

The London Eye: London with the 3 yo

And the weekend continued. 

Sunday we went back to the London Eye since it closed on us Saturday. I have to say, I am so glad it didn't breakdown while we were on it. Can you imagine? Trapped in a little compartment with a 3 yo way up high and no way to get out. What if she would have had to go bathroom? Yeah, happy we were still in line. 

No need to worry. We had a very uneventful ride. The little girl got a little antsy, but she liked it. For Easter, they had large colorful bunnies all over Jubilee Gardens. The little girl entertained herself by searching the landscape for all of them. 

She had spotted the playground there so we let her play there for a bit after getting off the London Eye. Nice little place for me to have a sit down while the hubby and little girl played. 

From here we walked across the Thames to Covent Garden area to get lunch. Home Slice was this little pizza place down a small alley way. Josh Brolin was there, as well, so I guess we chose well. ;)

We got seated right away and had a really good thin crust pizza. Half margharita and half lamb shoulder and goat cheese. Yum! 

Shorter day today, and yet the little girl crashed in the stroller on the walk back to the flat after our lunch. The hubby went for a bike ride while we snoozed. 


  1. what a fun adventure - in the eye! and squeee for a josh sighting ;-)


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