Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: The Medici Boy by Jon L'Heureux

The Medici Boy by Jon L'Heureux
346 pages, Hardcover
Astor + Blue Productions, April 2014

Source: Provided by publisher for review

This has been quite the entertaining read.  It follows Luca from the dying house, to a monastery and into the bottega of Donatello. We get to see into the complicated, artistic lives of the mastersculpter, models, his assistants and patrons. Jealousy, money and dangerous relationships make for lots of intrigue and entertainment. 

I enjoyed the setting immensely. Fifteenth century Florence is brought to life by L'HEUREUX. You can almost smell the Arno and the blood of the executed, and feel the heat of the summer. I loved reading about the making of these pieces of art that I saw in Florence on my visit to the city in 2008. 

A great read for anyone interested in Renaissance art and artists. 


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