Thursday, November 5, 2009

In a Pickle

I am in a bit of a pickle. The same one as last year. It is November and I have yet to start on Christmas gifts yet. Last month I thought I would knit everyone hats. That would be 16 hats! I have not knit any yet. Not a one. Can I knit 16 hats in the time I have left until Christmas?



  1. I find myself starting earlier and earlier each year. I started in August this year (slowly, but still). I think my new tactic is going to be if I decide to knit something for someone for Christmas, I will do it as soon as I decide on it. Good luck with the hats! At least they are fairly quick projects. You can do it!

  2. Sounds like we're in the same pickle! I think you can do it--big needles, chunky yarn. ;) I think I may have to start following Tara's advice!

  3. I think if you choose the right pattern, it is a fine goal. But get started!

  4. I did good last year, but this year I'm pretty behind.

  5. Tara- I need to start earlier. I have been procrastinating and reading too much. :)

    Pen-Have the big needles, have some chunky yarn. Time to get busy. :)

    Juliann- I have begun! One hat almost finished.

    Bubblesknits- I hope you get yours all knit in time, too. Good luck!


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