Saturday, November 3, 2007

what do I do now?

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Well, I am on the very last part of this project that I have been working on since March. I am on the ruffled bottom edge, finally. I may actually get this done while it is still warm enough to wear it. Yeah, well, that isn't going to happen just yet.

I was being stubborn. I used my straights for the entire thing, and even though I knew there would be a lot of stitches to do the hem, I refused to go and buy circulars. Why should I, I said to myself, the pattern doesn't specifically say I need them, and I have these perfect US 10 needles ready to go. Urg.

Now I am on the last row of increases, right in the middle actually, and I have run out of room on the needles. What do I do now? I really have no way of pushing all those stitches on the second needle plus the increases onto the right one. What a mess!

So close to being all done, too.


  1. I'm a circular hold-out too. I've knit a few things with them, but I much prefer straight needles. I have an idea. Do you have any double points needles in size ten? You could kind of line them up just to finish.

    At least you're finishing something big. I haven't had a big project completed for a while.

  2. Get a circular needle, slip the worked stitches onto it, then work the unworked stitches onto it.
    If you really don't want to give in, I suppose you could put the worked stitches on waste yarn and continue knitting with your straights. That'd be a big PITA if you have more than a couple of rows left.
    The Knit Picks Options set (or other interchangeable sets- I happen to have only used the Options myself) is quite affordable and versatile.
    I haven't touched straight needles or dpns in many months.

  3. I definitely prefer straights to circs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Um, one goes and buys KP Options, then one has all the needles one ever needs and never has this problem again. It's also a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run AND straights limit you, but you can always use circulars for every thing. - This was a "been ther, done that" comment *runs*

    I love the colour and can't wait to see if finished!

  5. Urgh! If you can find some waste yarn or a stitch holder/dpn that might help. In the long run though, I'd really recommend the KP Options set. I love my straights as well, but circs are very versatile. There's also those flexi straights by Clover that give flexibility and added length. They even look like they can be combined into circulars but as I don't own a pair I have no real clue.

    Good luck!


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