Sunday, November 18, 2007

bobble band baby hat

A few weeks ago I saw a knit hat in a catalogue that came in the mail with all the other junk mail I usually get. This hat was really cute and I thought I might be able to copy it. I took notes and wrote up a quick pattern. Tonight, I cast on a baby sized version to see if it would work, if it would look like what I saw in the catalogue, but a mini-version. This is my first attempt at copying something I have seen and I am actually quite happy with it. I used some Wick that I had in my stash and began, working bobbles for the first time and figuring out decreases. Now I need to adjust the pattern to work for an adult with a solid color yarn. The bobbles kind of get lost in the variegated yarn.

Anyway, take a look and tell me what you think...

baby bobble band hatbaby bobble band hat

Will it make a good adult sized hat? Should I leave it as is for baby only? Does it need bigger bobbles?

I would love some input.



  1. Adorable!! I wouldn't make the bobbles any bigger.

  2. The hat is cute, but I personally don't care for bobbles, so I'd leave them off (since you asked). The colour is gorgeous though!


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