Monday, November 19, 2007

gobble gobble

I will be enjoying a much needed rest this holiday. I fly out tomorrow after work to California to spend a few days in Big Sur and a day in SF with the hubby's family. Everyone in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving. See you when I get back. My knitting is packed for the trip so, hopefully, I will have some FO's to share on my return.

Happy Turkey Day! :)


  1. Have fun on your trip!! I'm living in Los Gatos now.

  2. Enjoy your trip! My family is spending time in SF this Christmas. My brother and his family are meeting us there. They lived in SF when my brother went to Hastings Law School. I don't miss that area of town!

  3. I so totally should be chuffed for you, but when I read Big Sur and SF, I just though thththththpbpbpbpbbpththththththt! Dorcs R Us.

    Did you see the thing about the knitting retreat in Big Sur next summer btw? If I win the lottery, I'm going!

    Hope you have a great Turkey Day!


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