Thursday, November 29, 2007

still here...

...just been really busy and hadn't uploaded any of my pictures from over my Thanksgiving break. I finally got around to it tonight. Along with getting our Christmas tree and house decorated. Explains why I am still up after midnight.

I had a great time. Very relaxed after a few days in Big Sur. Just look at this view!

Big Sur

I had another great view to show you all but it wouldn't upload onto flickr. Exceeded 5mb. Anyway, it was the view we had at the table we sat at everyday. Where the hubby read and I knit. Frogged a bit, too. Look at this pile of yarn.

Charade Mess

I had to frog a couple rounds to get to a mistake I had made a day before while at school. ( I was knitting at rest time. In the dark.)

Got it fixed and have made it past the heel and the gusset. I am on the home stretch, finally.

Well, first week back to work is almost done and I already want to be back in CA. I will just have to make do with staring at this picture and count down the days until Christmas break.

Pheiffer State Beach


  1. Did you see the thing about the knitting retreat in Bug Sur next summer? Made me want to die of jealousy when I saw that. I swear if I win the lottery that will be the first thing I sign up for!

    HOME! In just 3 working days! (7 total, but I'm only counting working days :P) If you had told me as a teenager that I'd be happy to be going back to the armpit of California, I would never have believed you.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love Big Sur, but we haven't been there in years even though we live only a couple hours from there. I have a little phobia about the Hwy 1 drive. I used to have a dream that I'd be driving around one of those curves and there would be a huge wave coming over the road. mmm maybe I need that dream anlayzed


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