Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Shawl All Finished

K's wedding shawl

Pattern: Triinu Scarf by Nancy Bush
Book: Knitted Lace of Estonia
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Lace, terra
Needles: US 4

K's wedding shawl

I am finished and absolutely love it. Can't wait to take over to the bride to be and see what she thinks about it. The pain of knitting this was worth it. 

One modification was made. I widened the scarf to a shawl by adding two more repeats of the lace pattern. I cast on 110 stitches. The lace edging had to be slightly modified as well so it could work with the increase in stitches. 

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Just gorgeous!!! I know the bride will love it. Who wouldn't?

  2. I am sure the bride will love it. It looks beautiful!

  3. So beautiful, perfect for any bride!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky bride!

  5. It's absolutely stunning! As a knitter, I can appreciate all the trouble you went through to modify it and get it done.

  6. I did LOVE it!!! Even if it was too warm for the wedding, I was able to wear it for the 2nd reception a week later. It was (and is) PERFECT!!!


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