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Review: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Diana Bishop is the daughter of two powerful witches who fights the magical side of herself. While researching alchemical manuscripts at the Oxford library, she unwilling calls a bewitched manuscript to herself that has been hidden for centuries. This use of magic and the unearthing of the book, brings much attention from numerous creatures that are after the book and/or her power. Amongst these creatures is Matthew Clairmont, a dark, handsome vampire who may not only be interested in the book.

Their relationship ends up being the true story here and the reason for all the fuss from the other vampires, witches and daemons. You see, creatures are not supposed to mix with each other but nothing will keep Diana and Matthew apart for they seem to be destined to be together. The mystery of why and what their union means is the story of A Discovery of Witches.

The similarities of Matthew, the overprotective, overly handsome vampire and Diana, the girl who doesn't know her own beauty and power, with that of a certain other vampire love story had me thinking I wasn't going to enjoy this book. The beginning, when they meet and are getting to know each other, read very similar to Twilight, unfortunately. However, once the story shifted a bit to include the mystery of the book, the science and history of their ancestors and how creatures came to be, I forgot about that other book and just enjoyed the creativeness of this story.  

My only other problem, was the ending. It dragged on for quite awhile. The last few chapters, really could have been condensed into one. Despite that, though, I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy to see how Diana and Matthew fair in 16th Century England.

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  1. I have just begun to read more fantasy, YA books of witches, vampires, and so on. This one sounds good.

    1. It was. I hadn't read a vampire book in quite awhile.

  2. When I read A Discovery of Witches, the characters kind of reminded me of Twilight too! I really like the very end but you're right, the whole book could have been a little bit shorter.

    1. It just dragged on a bit, but still good. Have the second book ready to read once I finish my current book.

  3. I quite enjoyed this novel overall, but there were sections of it that I thought dragged. I have the sequel to read, but just don't seem in a hurry to get to it.

    1. I have the next book, too. Will probably get started after I finish a couple books I have that need reviewing. :)


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