Saturday, February 2, 2013

E's Reads (4)

We went to the library this week and found some books to bring home with us. We read each of these a few times before deciding they were the ones to get. That yawn book is definitely the favorite!

Freight Train by Donald Crews (picture book)

I love Donald crews books. They have such great illustrations and are always about things that kids are really interested in. E loves trains and enjoys asking me to name all the different cars on the train and why they look blurry on some of the pages. Great conversation book.

Parade by Donald Crews (picture book)

I had not seen this book before. But another good one. A marching band, balloons an floats. E is not as interested in this one as Freight Train, though.

Yawn by Sally Symes (board book)

Another new book for me. So cute and really good pattern book. E love the animals and pretending to yawn along with them. She is able fill in the rhyming word following the pattern.

I love to sleep by Amelie Graux

This is a very cute and simple book for babies. It is trilingual, too, with words in English, Spanish and French. It is also a touchy-feely book. E likes the pictures. It also made her want her paci that has been gone for over a year!


Happy Reading!


  1. I haven't seen a trilingual book before! I need to see if I can find that one.

    1. It's a really simple picture book with only a word on each page to name the picture. Still, it is really cute and fun to read in different languages.


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