Sunday, February 3, 2013

Learning to Crochet

I have knit for quite awhile now but haven't done much crocheting. Well, this week, I decided to do a little and make a garland to decorate for Valentine's Day.

I found a heart pattern and got to work figuring out new stitches. I only knew the single crochet stitch before starting this.After a couple practice hearts, I found some red and teal left over yarn and got to work.

I had just enough for 21 hearts and the the stringing of them. I am amazed the length came out just right without measuring. I love it and am actually trying to figure out more things to crochet.

I started some orange balls but they are all coming out a little malformed and all slightly different in size. Once I get them uniform, I am hoping to string them up and use them as a garland in the little girls room.

So, does anyone else crochet? Any good beginner patterns I should try that you all know about and would recommend? I have had a lot of fun with these two projects.


  1. Yay for crochet and learning new things! I think once you can do even the basics you've conquered here, you can do basically anything crochet-wise (As in knitting, where everything comes back to, is built on, the knit stitch, in crochet, there's really only variations of the one stitch, too.). Maybe granny squares next?

    1. I was thinking of trying some granny squares. I have a lot of left over yarn from making Xmas Ornaments.


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