Thursday, February 28, 2013

E's Reads (8)

The little girl has been devouring books lately. She comes to me with armfuls of books to read daily. I think the short board books will be replaced with longer picture books from now on. I am so glad she enjoys books like her dad and I.  Here are a few more board books before we do the switch to picture books.

Animal Alphabet by Eric Carle
This book is really cool. Each page has a different letter, you slide a little window over and you get a picture of an animal that begins with that letter! Very fun. E loves it. This one is great for her to look at on her own.

In My Den by Sarah Gillingham
Many of you have probably seen these series of books. They have a cute little finger puppet in the middle. This one is a bear getting ready to hibernate. Perfect size for little hands and finger to use as well. E loves to be the bear.

A Mama Bug's Love by Janet Lawler
This book was a gift from my baby shower! Really cute pop-up book with different bugs and their babies. Of course, pop-up books are hard for little hands to keep nice. We have already had some rips and tears. And, yes, tears can be interpreted both ways. :)


Happy Reading!
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  1. Sounds like a fantastic reading week for E!

    1. It was! I need to post more books. It has been awhile. :)


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