Wednesday, August 6, 2008

whiskers on wednesday

Poor little kitty is home all alone right now.

Her evil mommy and daddy have gone off to enjoy the cooler weather in CA and left her by herself.

Bad, bad mommy and daddy.

We left her food and water and many of her favorite little balls to play with. We left our bed made and accessible for her sleeping needs. We have her favorite friend visiting her while we are away.

So how is she doing?

Here is the message I got yesterday from said friend:

Jojo has decided she likes me better. You are no longer welcome in her home. :)

I'm innocent


  1. Just look at that face, lol... I don't think JoJo will roll out the red carpet when you return. LOL

  2. soooo cute!! I love cats :)

  3. Love that cat! Question though, how much extra cat food did said friend give her to pay her off for that comment? Too cute.

  4. We've been on vacation too, and are a little worried that our "Josie-Kitty" will not allow us back in either.

    I have a lot of family in Fresno and was born there. Great place to head for a day-trip at the Sequoias from:)

  5. Serves you right too! Leaving her there all alone in the heat. Sheesh!

    It's cooler in Fresno? You're JOKING. Ack! I'm with Caroline, head for the Sequoias or a day at Monteray/Carmel.


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