Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Summoning- Book Review

Chloe Saunders is like any other 15 year old, focused on friends, school and boys. However, this all changes when she wakes up one morning and discovers she can see ghosts and they want to talk to her.

Chloe is sent to a home for troubled teens after her school finds her screaming that she is seeing dead people and is subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia. At the home she meets other teens with troubles of their own. Having read many of her other books, it was fun to figure out who/what these other kids are.

Kelley Armstrong, the author of The Women of the Otherworld Series (which is one of my favorites), has written her first YA novel about a girl discovering she is a necromancer and also about other's supernatural abilities. She has given us another very strong female protagonist and one that teens can identify with, to a point.

This book is a mix of The Sixth Sense and Girl, Interrupted. If you liked those movies you will like this book. Entertaining, frightening. Don't read it at night alone if you scare easily.



  1. I really enjoy Kelley Armstrongs adult series books. This one does sound really good-I've seen a few reviews on it already. I'll probably read it eventually I think.

  2. This book reminds me of a book that I read long time ago, in high school, called I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. A teenage girl believes she can see "things" that turned out to be hallucinations. My group did a whole literary project on it with visual presentations, essays, and analysis.


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