Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm so country

Is it bad that I just got home, a little tipsy, from hanging out with friends at a country western bar? It is a school night after all.

I am not even a fan of Country music!

It couldn't be passed up. They had drinks for $.69! I had a couple Bud Lights. A bit different from my usual fare (Guinness).

I know I live in Texas, but that seriously was the most people in cowboy boots and hats I have seen in one location since I moved here.

There was no line dancing, unfortunately. I might have gotten out of my seat if there was. I grew up in Sanger, CA. I know a little line dancing.

Night ya'll! :)



  1. Why do I find it funny that there are probably more cowboys in Sanger than in Texas?

    I miss home now. Um, but not because of the cowboys.

  2. Yeeee-Haaawwww!! Sounds like a GREAT time!

  3. Awe I love to watch line dancing, it's so coordinated, I can't do it at all. bummer huh?


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