Sunday, April 13, 2008

i've been tagged

Rachel has tagged me for the seven weird random things about you meme. Thought I would give it a go. You know, it is really hard to think up strange things about yourself that you are willing to share. Anyway, here it goes...

1. I don't swear. Really. Well...never in front of people. Usually only when driving alone. It is very therapeutic to yell cuss words at terrible drivers. Plus, they can't hear me.

2. My husband was my first and only boyfriend. I met him when I was 22, started "dating" at 23, married at 24. We have been married for 7 years.

3. I am terrible about cleaning my cat's litter box. I am very happy she has not rebelled against me.

4. I have a toy gargoyle in my car. I have had him since college. He showed up out of nowhere in my first car and is now at home in the sunglass case in my new Prius. I almost hit a car the other day and I swear it was because I had forgot to put him in. His name in Gargantua. My roommates and I, back then, were a little strange. :)

5. I have never caused an accident or gotten a ticket. *knocks on wood*. I was in an accident in that first car mentioned above, but that was not my fault. No one was injured. (Thanks, Gargantua.)

6. I am lazy. I hate housework. I want a housekeeper. How much do you think one would cost me? I bet I would have to cut down on my yarn purchases. Hmm, yarn or clean house? Choices, choices.

7. I watch a lot of tv and I get a bit obsessive with some shows. Right now it is Doctor Who. I have my dvr set to record every episode on BBCA, SciFi and PBS.

Well, that is all. I am sure there is more but I will end it there. I know this has been going around a lot. I have seen it on a few blogs. So, if you haven't yet and want to tell us about seven weird things about you consider yourself tagged.


  1. I've got a frog in my car. A gift from my sister the day I got my first car. He's been in each car since.

  2. #6 - HECK YEAH! If I could afford a housekeeper, I would do so immediately. Unfortunately, good ones are expensive here, ergo I drudge on.

    Plus I'd have to find one that wasn't afraid of my dogs. That could prove difficult.

    Docotr Who? Yep. Just watched it on Sat. Love it.

  3. 2, 3, 6, and 7 apply to me too (but only the David Tennant episodes). But I don't have BBCA anymore.


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