Tuesday, April 15, 2008

look who took a nap at my house today

This little guy decided to take his nap hanging from our window screen. We have a darker screen that comes down during the day that he must have liked. Shaded him from the sun.

He just flew off a little while ago while my back was turned. Darn, I missed watching him fly off. I did see him when he woke up, though. He stretched out his wings, gave his fur a cleaning and woke himself up with many yawns. Very cute. Who knew a bat could be so cute. It probably helped that he was outside the window and about the size of my hand.

When I asked my kids today what they want to plant in our garden their answer was: sunflowers, roses and butterflies. :)
I think we will be planting some butterfly friendly flowers.


  1. Awwwww, bat's are cute. I used to hate it when my cats would catch them.

    Butterflies! Yes! Plant lots of butterflies! :0)

  2. The Austin bats are good. Watch for those butterfly plants that they aren't bee friendly plants as well.

  3. Ha, Ha. it is funny to think of bats as being cute, but they are, and they are so good too. They eat like a truck load of mosquitos every night...or something like that:)

  4. I'm all for any creature that puts a dent in the mosquito population. You're right - bats are cute!


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