Friday, March 28, 2008

baby knits

One Skein Baby HatUmbrella pattern
It is hard to resist knitting them. They are just so darn cute. Take this hat. It's little and soft. Has a cute umbrella stitch pattern around the edge. It has a sweet little purple ribbon. I bet you think this was a joy to knit?

Absolutely hated knitting this thing. It wasn't the pattern, it was the yarn.

This is only my second time knitting with cotton, but it will be my last. I am not a fan. It makes my hands ache. Badly.
My hands haven't hurt like that since I first started knitting.

From now more cotton. My poor hands will thank me for it.

Oh yeah, project info...

Pattern: Baby Hat
Source: One Skein by Leigh Radford
Yarn: Peru Naturtex Partners Pakucho Organic Cotton
Needles: US 6
Modifications: I went down a needle size and added the ribbon.


  1. Hurting hands or's ADORABLE!!

  2. Its cute. I hope your hands are feeling better now that it is done!

  3. This is the cutest hat! I'm glad to know that the problem wasn't with the pattern, it would have been too bad. I hope your hands are feeling better!

  4. That is amazingly cute! I usually hate cotton too unless it's mercerized. Cascade Luna is my favorite cotton yarn, but it might have a little too much texture for that pattern.

  5. I haven't tried that umbrella stitch, i love how it looks.

    I actually love cotton, but I only use it for dishcloths... maybe that's the difference???

  6. It's such a cute hat, but I know what you mean about cotton. I like it when it's blended with wool; otherwise it does seem to cause stress on my hands too.

  7. I feel your pain. The Eris I'm doing is with cotton. It gets better as you go along (just imagine the muscle tone in my fingers now! Woot!) and the result is nice, so I perservere.

    Just look at how cute it is and all the pain will disappear...

  8. It's very cute, though.

    I am knitting an adult sized cardigan out of sports-weight cotton. OW. I don't know what I was thinking.

  9. the baby hat is adorable and since I have that book, that yarn and several friends due I will have to knit it When you knit it did you use metal or wood needles? I used to despise cotton but once I started using wooden bamboo needles I have had no hand trouble at all!!!

  10. 100% cotton wreaks havoc on me as well. But, oh, that's a cute hat - good call on the ribbon!


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