Saturday, March 1, 2008

ready for a break

I can't believe it is already March and only one week away from Spring Break! This year's trip is to Maui. I can't wait. Doing nothing but sitting by the beach with my books and my knitting sounds absolutely perfect after these past two months of work, illness and stress. We have been there before, seen the sights, so sightseeing will not be our priority. Rejuvenating for the rest of the year will be.

So the plan is to print out Hint #8 on Friday before we leave on Saturday morning. Getting that done will be my goal for the week. I will also be taking my dad's Thujas. I have cast on the second sock but have knit no rounds on it yet. I don't think I will be taking the cardigan. Too bulky and warm for Hawaii, don't you think?

As far as books for the trip, it depends on if I finish any this week. I know for certain that Ursula K LeGuin's book, The Left Hand of Darkness will be coming with me. It's one of the hubby's scifi books that I have read about and heard good things. Have any of you read or seen the the movie, The Jane Austen Book Club? It is the scifi book that Grig gives Jocelyn. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading it.

pakucho organic cotton

I have put out all my Easter/Spring decor. Is it too early?
Easter does fall in March this year. It feels like spring, looks like spring. I declare it spring here in Texas. So Easter/Spring decor is okay. :)

The yarn is Pakucho organic cotton that I am going to knit into something for a friend's baby girl who is due in May. I am thinking booties or a cute little hat with a sage green ribbon.


  1. Have a fantastic spring break! I love the looks of the Pakucho yarn.

  2. Lucky you! My sister lives on Oahu so I've visited there before, but never Maui. Have a fun time!

  3. How exciting Maui will be for you--nothing but rest & relaxation! Our break starts in about 5 days now. It is mucccccch needed!


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