Sunday, February 3, 2008

out of bed for a wip pic

Hint #2
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I am finally beginning to emerge from my cocoon of blankets I have been in these past 5 days. I am feeling a little better. Enough to finish hint #2 last night. Now to get started on Hint #3.

I am actually feeling ready for a little more of this...

napping kitty

Yup, Joey knows what's best. :)


  1. Mystery pieces are always fun! Yours looks great so far, I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Your kitty looks adorable too :)

  2. Glad your feeling better! How could you not with such a kitty to look at!

  3. Wow, great work. Really pretty

  4. Hope you're continuing to feel better. It's no fun to have to stay's much more fun to be just a little sick and stay home and "play."

    Your mystery knitting is Beautiful!

  5. Oops! that was me. I didn't realize I was on my husband's account.


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