Friday, February 22, 2008

friday sostii update

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It's growing!

it is getting so hard to take pictures of the stole now it is getting so long. I finished Hint #5 last night.

I am really liking the Knit Picks Shadow. It is merino and very soft and warm, but light. This will make a nice cover up for spring. Actually, I think It will be coming with me to Italy in June. It should work well.

center motif left edge diamonds


  1. It's coming along so beautifully.... now I wish I had signed up.

  2. That is really beautiful. I like the color, too.

  3. oooo, that would be perfect for Italy! It's growing up so fast *sniff*!

  4. That is *gorgeous*! Holy cow.

    Thanks for the add. :) I'll add you back. Always good to have more things to read.

  5. Nice! How many more hints do you have to go?


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