Monday, October 19, 2015

Readathon Wrap-Up Post

Hey all. Did you survive 24 hours of reading on Saturday? 

I read for about 12 hours, which is pretty good for me. I have a five year old who required transport to a birthday party at a Chuck-E-Cheese 30 miles away from here. We also had to drive the hubby to the airport and then I drove the little girl to her grandparents house to spend the night. After all that I was finally free to read. Yay.
In the morning I finished the last 100 pages of Salem's Lot by Stephen King. I started and finished Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris -324 pages. I started and fell asleep reading All Together Dead, also by Charlaine Harris- 54 pages.
With the little girl, we read a couple books before we were off for the day. She chose two Christmas themed books for us to read. Auntie Claus and Auntie Claus: The Key to Christmas by Elise Primavera.  
So, not too bad. I finished a couple books, I participated in a couple of challenges, and I really had a great time connecting with other readers on Twitter. All in all, a very successful Readathon. 
Happy Reading!

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